I feel compelled to blog this today. Because it moved me deeply. I read  lots of other photography blogs, for inspiration, for help, for simple knowledge. It’s a community, and we’re pretty awesome at sharing each other’s stuff around. Today, on Facebook, I have about four different photography Pages who shared the link to a specific blog post. So, of course, I needed to read it. And when I was finished crying, I knew I needed to share too.

A Letter On My Doorstep. Portraits Are More Than Paper.

Once you’re done wiping your tears, remember how valuable life is. I’m not posting this to try to tell you to book a session. Or to order prints so I can make a profit.

I’m writing this because I am a photographer who knows the value of life. I know the pain of losing someone too soon. I know what hearing the word “cancer” is like. I know that the photos I have will last far longer than I will. I know, because I’ve seen it all happen. So I’m writing this to tell you my advice, to tell you my abridged list of things I came up with to do before your time is up.

Never take life for granted.
Take a chance on something.
Be brave.
Take photos every day.
Laugh at anything YOU think is funny.
Make a mess.
Spend that $20 in your wallet on a stranger.
Love someone completely wrong for you.
Love someone completely right for you.
Go skinny dipping.
Kiss on New Years Eve.
Throw a huge party and invite everyone you know.
Adopt a shelter pet.
Send a message in a bottle.
Record a song.
Dance to the song in your head.
Hug your parents whenever you can.
Support a solider.
Sleep outside under the stars.
Tell your best friend(s) what they mean to you.
Say “I Love You” when you love someone.


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